Sunday, April 21 — La Terre Institute
22500 Rue La Terre — Kiln, MS

“Let It Bee!”

Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics – 2400 BC
The Ankh, Symbol of Life, and the Bee

On Sunday, April 21, Earth Day Eve, La Terre Institute will celebrate Earth Day, Le Jour de la Terre. All are invited to come out to Bayou La Terre for a day of informal activities, including hiking, exploring the woods, music, and kids’ activities – plus a special presentation by Jay Martin, legendary Carrollton beekeeper.

“Let It Bee!”
Presentation by Jay Martin
in the Pavillion
2:00 to 4:00 PM

Jay Martin has been a beekeeper for thirty years and a chemical-free one for twenty-two years. Consult the internet and you will find many rave reviews of his 100% Pure Raw Honey. Among the topics he will speak on are the ecological significance of bees and pollination, human causes of the decline of bees, the history of beekeeping, and the importance and difficulties of being an organic and holistic beekeeper. We are grateful that Jay has offered to donate some hives to La Terre Institute and we also celebrate the coming of the bees to Bayou La Terre. The title for our celebration, “Let It Bee!” expresses our gratitude to bees and all they contribute to us and to our ecosystems. But it is also a play on “Let It Be!” which we might take as our principle of reverence for and non-injury to the natural world, and our dedication to allowing it to be what it is, to thrive and to flourish.
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