Quincy Saul in conversation with John Clark

Monroe Hall Room 628
Loyola University
Thursday April 26 @ 7:30 PM

Amidst mass extinction and world war, there is good news. We are at a delta of world history. The mainstream spreads out and splits. An oceanic crisis and opportunity is upon us. The watershed of the last 500 years of resistance to conquest is flowing into a gulf, where deposits from all the radical currents of history may unite – or disperse.

This conversation will situate New Orleans within a constellation of other historical deltas in the modern world system – from Chiapas, Mexico to Rojava, Kurdistan, and from Jackson, Mississippi to Caracas, Venezuela – where good news breathes and blossoms and beckons.

Quincy Saul, in conversation with John Clark, will reflect on connecting the dots between New Orleans, the Zapatistas, the women’s revolution in Kurdistan, maroons in Venezuela and the USA, and the First Ecosocialist International, whose founding delegates recently converged in Jackson, Mississippi.

Quincy Saul is the co-founder of Ecosocialist Horizons, and is also a musician and writer. John Clark is the Director of the La Terre Institute for Community and Ecology and Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at Loyola University. For further information, please contact