Creating the Cooperative Commonwealth: A Group for Reading, Discussion & Action

We are living in a time of systemic crisis. Problems such as climate change, endless war, and mass incarceration all call for systemic change. Would you like to help create the next system? What might an alternative to capitalism that is not state socialism look like? You might be surprised to learn of some of the radical & successful strategies that are already being employed today. Come join a conversation about creating democratic institutions as the building blocks for a more sustainable, just future. This will not be simply a discussion group. We will meet with an eye toward getting involved locally and invigorating a regional movement.
We will read short selections from Gar Alperovitz’s book 
Principles of a Pluralist Commonwealth, in which all aspects of a just, cooperative, ecological society are discussed. We have copies to give to the first fifteen group members, and the text is also online. We will meet on five alternate Wednesdays from 7 to 9 PM to discuss sections of the book. We will also show short videos on some of the topics, and offer suggestions for further resources. Book sections are concise (average 7 pages) and practically oriented. Here is a schedule of the discussion topics:

Sept. 27: “Climate Change,” “Commonwealth,” and “Community.” 

Oct. 11: “Cooperatives,” Economic Change,” and “Ecological Sustainability.”

Oct. 25: “Economic Growth,” “Gender,” and “Markets.”

Nov. 8: “Ownership,” “Planning,” and “Public.”

Nov. 15: “Race,” “Regionalism,” and “Technology.”

To register and get a copy of the book, please reply at The group is convened by Nicolas Bell & John Clark and is sponsored by La Terre Institute for Community & Ecology;