Ben Morea on Revolutionary Animism at Sycamore Meeting Hall

The Sycamore Meeting Hall will be hosting a presentation and discussion with painter and revolutionary, Ben Morea. Ben is one of the founding members of Black Mask / Against the Wall Mother Fucker, an anarchist affinity group from the Lower East Village of NYC that played an important role in the movements of the 60s and 70s. He will be presenting on revolutionary animism: the belief that since all is connected the revolution must be TOTAL.

For more information about Ben’s life and work, check out these articles and interviews:

We look forward to hosting this free event and hope to see you there!

Where: The Sycamore Meeting Hall. 3111 Palmyra Street. New Orleans, LA.
When: Friday. February 1. 6pm.

The Sycamore Meeting Hall Organizing Committee