Participants’ Comments Exploring the Way & Its Power” Program

“The Daodejing program was an incredible experience for me, allowing me to stop for a moment and pull away from the hundreds of small things that constantly crowd my mind.”

“Great experience!” “It’s enlightening and calming. Would love to come again!”

“I will go home with my notes and contemplate the Dao as it applies to the injustices in the world. I’ll remember to be awake, diligently.”

“Challenging – in a pleasant, safe enough, supportive environment.”

“This was a humbling and inspiring experience. It makes me feel like I just might be from planet earth after all!”

“I appreciated the relaxed and group-driven conversation. I’m eager to come back.”

“Truly beautiful experience. I felt like I saw the face of God in that creek.”

“Time spent on the land is a precious gift. I’m thankful for the care put into each gathering and the community that gathers to better know each other and themselves.”

“It has been an experience much needed in my life at the moment.”

“I am extremely grateful for this experience and I feel that I have grown in any ways.”