Spring Equinox Gathering

La Terre Institute for Community and Ecology
22500 Rue La Terre, Hancock County, MS 39556
March 23-24, 2019

La Terre Institute. The goals of La Terre Institute are to promote social and ecological regeneration, to create a cooperative, non-dominating Earth community, and to prevent regional and global ecological collapse. In pursuit of these ends, we sponsor courses, projects and events in New Orleans and on eighty-seven acres along Bayou La Terre, near Dedeaux, Mississippi. The practical focus of our work is the creation of primary communities rooted in personal and communal awakening, in practices of liberation and solidarity, and in an ethics of care for all beings. “La Terre” is a term that signifies both “the Earth” and “the Land,” in addition to our site on Bayou La Terre. La Terre Institute is motivated by love of the Earth, by love of the Land on which we live, and by the desire to gain greater knowledge of both and to defend them against all forms of domination and exploitation. We see participation in the programs and activities of La Terre Institute not only as the development of useful knowledge and skills, but as an engaged practice of Appamāda: mindfulness and care for all beings and for the Land and Earth.

Spring Equinox Gathering. Our major themes will be the celebration of the Earth and reflection on the crisis of the Earth, centered on discussion of the text “Deep Adaptation.” The gathering will be held on 87 wooded acres on Bayou La Terre, near Dedeaux, MS., 67 miles or 70 minutes from the center of New Orleans. See directions below. Participants staying for both days should bring tents, personal items, flashlights, and food for the group meal Saturday evening and for individual meals. There is no fee for the program, but donations are welcome. Participants are invited to volunteer later for trail work, construction, eco-agriculture, program planning, publicity, and teaching, coteaching or facilitating at future programs. For information, please email surregionalist@bellsouth.net.

Saturday Schedule

Noon   Arrival and Introductions
1:00     About La Terre Institute (John Clark)
Current Activities & Upcoming Events (Keith Fields, Chase O’Halloran, Graham Murphy, Emily Ortiz)
2:00     Announcements and Sharing. Participants are invited to talk about their own projects and events.
2:30     Activities. These will include a tour of projects, a drum repair group, a meditation group, and more.
4:00     Deep Adaptation (John Clark and Emily Ortiz) We will discuss major issues in the article “Deep Adaptation: A Map for Navigating Climate Tragedy” including “collapse, catastrophe, and extinction” and “resilience, relinquishment, and restoration,” followed by a group discussion. The article can be found online at https://www.lifeworth.com/deepadaptation.pdf.
6:00     Dinner Preparation and Community Dinner.   We will prepare food and share it.
8:00     Bonfire and Reflection Circle Everyone is encouraged to bring a brief text to read or thoughts of their own to share. Since Friday is World Water Day, we especially encourage thoughts related to this topic.
9:00     Drumming Circle (Brian Clark, Jean Martinolich, Chase O’Halloran) All are welcome. No special talent required. No courage necessary. Bring drums and shakers. Bring other instruments. Dancing is encouraged.

Sunday Schedule

9:30     Meditation Group (Chase O’Halloran)
10:30   Hikes and Informal Discussions. A hike to the ancient cypress is planned.
12:30   Lunch
1:30     Hikes and Informal Discussions. A creek hike is planned.
5:00     Program ends