La Terre Institute for Community and Ecology
22500 Rue La Terre Rd,, Kiln, MS 39556
June 24-25, 2017

The goals of La Terre Institute are to promote social and ecological regeneration, to create a cooperative, non-dominating Earth community, and to prevent regional and global ecological collapse. In pursuit of these ends, we sponsor courses, projects and events in New Orleans and on eighty-seven acres along Bayou La Terre, near Dedeaux, Mississippi. The practical focus of our work is the creation of primary communities rooted in personal and communal awakening, in practices of liberation and solidarity, and in an ethics of care for all beings. “La Terre” is a term that signifies both “the Earth” and “the Land,” in addition to our site on Bayou La Terre. La Terre Institute is motivated by love of the Earth, by love of the Land on which we live, and by the desire to gain greater knowledge of both and to defend them. We see participation in the programs and activities of La Terre Institute not only as the development of useful knowledge and skills, but as an engaged practice of Appamāda: mindfulness and care for all beings and for the Land.

Saturday Schedule

Noon Lunch (La Terre House) and Orientation (John Clark)
Please bring food and drinks to contribute to the potluck
1:00p Seeking Stories of Home (James Inabinet)
“I would like people to bring stories of home, stories of moment about what happened when you were at home. Bring your potent relationship stories. Remember where and when they occurred. We will tell them in a mythtelling and post the place of occurrence on a map. Through these stories a nebulous songline, a mythline, may begin to appear to connect these stories of people-in-place, me-in-place, and we are in it together. By recognizing, remembering, and following the songline we may eventually enact a true, collectively-produced myth as true story of profound ecological wholeness on the way to wisdom.” [See “Files” on La Terre Facebook page for the complete text.]
2:15p What Makes Earth Green? (David Hensley)
“We never get closer to the tropics than on this day, and the tropics are a challenging place to live, because you’re contending not with the lifeless cold, but with a million other living things who are celebrating at the same time we are and for the same reason. It’s still worth celebrating though … because no matter how hot-as-blazes it gets in your area, there would be no life without it – without the heat and the light. I wanted to illustrate that a little bit using some of the scientific information I’ve learned at the agricultural school. Some of you may know some of this, but even if you do, it’s worth meditating on at this time of year.” [See “Files” on Las Terre Facebook page for the complete text.]
3:30p Plotting the Solstice Shadows (James Inabinet)
Throughout the day we will plot shadows made by sun against a pole to get an idea of what actually happens between sun and earth on the summer solstice… or … “there’s more to the solstice than an excuse to have a celebration.”
4:15p Making Green Smoothies (Steve Bochinski)
A demonstration of how to make green smoothies with fresh water, fresh or frozen fruit, and leafy greens like cilantro, parsley, collards, kale, spinach, etc. Participants are encouraged to bring any leafy greens/fruits they would like to make a smoothie with.  Steven will be bringing enough ingredients for at least 8-10 people.
5:00p A Plant-Based Diet (Rebecca Lang)
This workshop will provide simple and inexpensive ways to quickly prepare nutritious meals for you, your families and friends, with a diet of plant based foods. We will explore purchasing inexpensive healthy food, shopping local, eating out, and social gatherings, for ways to provide a healthier lifestyle. Let’s learn to empower ourselves by eating plant-based food that benefits our health, is sustainable for the planet, and our world’s security. [See “Files” on Las Terre Facebook page for complete description.]
6:15p Reflection Circle with Readings & Reflections (John Clark)
At each Solstice and Equinox Gathering we form a circle around the fire and each person who wishes to shares a short reading or says a few personal words that are in the spirit of the occasion or are inspired by the goals of La Terre Institute as stated above. As you prepare for the Gathering, please think about a favorite reading or a message of your own that you would like to bring to the group.
7:30p Dinner (La Terre House)
Please bring food and drinks to contribute to the potluck.
9:00p Bonfire and music (Cabin Slope Circle)
We hope that some will bring instruments and inspiration.

Sunday Schedule

Before 9:30a Breakfast (individual)
9:45a Meditation (Two Ravines Circle)
11:00a Hike down the Creek (Begins at Stillpoint Cabin)
1:30 Lunch and Closing (La Terre House)
Please bring food and drinks to contribute to the potluck.

Essential Information for Participants and Visitors

Mindfulness & Care
The most useful guideline is to practice mindfulness and care while on the land. Pay attention to all the beings and phenomena that you experience. Thich Nhat Hanh has said that “the miracle is to walk the earth” (La Terre) and that “mindfulness is the miracle which can call back in a flash our dispersed mind and restore it to wholeness so that we can live each minute of life.” Cultivate the clarity of your own (that is, Nature’s) mind. Through our awakened presence on the land, we learn to appreciate, care for, and nurture its goodness, beauty, and creativity.