The Bayou La Terre Summer Solstice Gathering for 2018 will be held on Saturday, June 16 and Sunday, June 17.  The Solstice will take place at 5:07 AM on June 21. We are requesting proposals for talks, workshops and presentations that will be scheduled for Saturday.

Here is a list of titles of events at previous Equinox and Solstice gatherings:

“Beware of Falling Food” (film and discussion)

“Bioregional Assay Workshop: An Ecological Study of the Land”

“The Cat Has Eight More Lives: Using Notes to Evoke”

“Celebration of The Night of Radiant Depth Unfolded”

“Cooking Class”

“Cooking Collaboration”

“The Desert Trod: Nature and the Promised Land in Rastafari Culture”

“Dilemmas of Prison Reform in the Incarceration Capital of the World”

“Discussion of Institute Projects”

“Dream of La Terre Workshop”

“Fertile Ground”

“Field trip to Buttercup Flats Pitcher Plant Bog”

“Finding Balance: Agroecology and a Different Way to Live”

“The Future of La Terre Discussion”

“Guided Meditation & Council Ceremony”

“Haudenosaunee Thanksgiving”

“Instructions to the Cook – Preparations”

“Leaves of Grass”

“Making Green Smoothies”


“Morning Yoga”

“The Murmurations Choir”

“Natural Dreamwork”

“Nature Interpretation Walk”

“Observing Nature with the Heart Workshop”

“A Plant-Based Diet”

“Permaculture Discussion”

“Plotting the Solstice Shadows”

“A Politics of Heart & Spirit”

“Principles of Permaculture Presentation”

“Radical Mycology”

“Reconstructing Our Worldview Through Outdoor Education”

“Reflection Circle”

“Rumi Readings & Reflections”

“Seeking Stories of Home”

“Solstice Ceremony”

“Tai Chi Class”

“Yoga & Meditation for Presence and Renewal”

“Water Is Life – Bayou Bridge Pipeline Discussion”

“What Makes Earth Green?”