La Terre Institute’s overarching goals are to promote social and ecological regeneration, to create a cooperative, non-dominating earth community, and to prevent regional and global ecological collapse. In pursuit of these ends, we sponsor courses, projects and events in New Orleans and on eighty-seven acres along Bayou La Terre, near Dedeaux, Mississippi.

The practical focus of our work is the creation of primary communities rooted in personal and communal awakening, in practices of liberation and solidarity, and in an ethics of care for all beings.

“La Terre” is a term that means both “the Earth” and “the Land.” La Terre Institute is motivated by love of the Earth, by love of the Land on which we live, and by the desire to understand both and to defend them.

We see participation in the programs and activities of La Terre Institute not only as the development of useful knowledge and skills, but as an engaged practice of mindfulness and care for all beings and for the Land.